Guide to Fixing a Skylight Leak

Skylight leaks can occur for many reasons. While a skylight leak can pose many problems for homeowners, it can also provide natural light. Roof windows are a great addition to any home. They provide fresh air and a lot of light. It is important to understand the problem with your skylight or roof window. There are many ways to fix it. You may not feel comfortable doing the job yourself if you own a commercial building.

Flashing Can Cause Leaks

A skylight’s flashing is an essential component. It’s the protective layer between the roof and the skylight. It acts as a waterproof seal for the insert of the skylight and collects debris over time. For a visual inspection, remove all debris from the flashing.

The age factor is important when it comes to roof windows or skylights. If the flashing is causing problems, you might need to replace the whole roof window. You can seal any small gaps in the flashing with external silicone or caulking. To ensure the success of your repair, you should keep an eye on the roof, window, or skylight for at least two weeks.

Broken Closing Mechanism

The skylight’s mechanical proficiency should be determined by a quality control test. The skylight should be closed tightly to the frame, providing a leak-proof seal. You will experience a leak if the opening or closing procedures are not correct.

Clear any debris that may be causing a problem when you close the skylight. You should also take precautions to stop leaves and twigs from accumulating around your skylight. While you can’t stop all branches or other obstructions from blocking your skylight entirely, vigilance and awareness are the best options to keep material from building up around the skylight.

Roof Leaks

It is almost a given that roofs leak. The skylight leak could be caused by water leaking from the roof. If you notice discoloration near the skylight or higher up the roof, it could be a sign that there is a problem. A roof with missing or damaged roofing shingles is another sign that there may be an issue.

It is important to address a leaky roof immediately in order to avoid bigger problems down the line. A minor repair may be possible, such as replacing missing or damaged shingles. You may have to replace the entire roof depending on the age of the roof. A roofing contractor will inspect the roof and give you an assessment.

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