Residents should go through a thorough checklist after a hurricane to assess the damage to their property and to take preventive steps to avoid costly repairs later. Your post-hurricane assessment should include drain cleaning. Major flooding can result if the drains become blocked again when another storm hits.

Post-Hurricane Cleanup

Make sure the storm drains are secure and safe before inspecting them. You should not find any evidence of large branches or trees in danger of being downed or fallen wires. If the area is safe, you can use a flashlight and take a closer look at the drains to see if there are any obstructions.

You can remove most items by hand by putting on work gloves. You can remove stones, branches, leaves, and trash. To collect large amounts of debris, you can use a pitchfork and a rake. Once the storm drain has been cleared, do not throw the leaves or other materials out on the streets. Place the leaves in a baggie and put them in your trash bin for collection.

Yard drains should be cleared of any obstructions. You can replace or repair any damage to the drain cover caused by the hurricane. To remove all debris and blockages, run water from your garden hose through the drain. You should be able to see the water leaving the pipes at the drain location.


Storm drains: Do not touch the grates with your fingers. Do not try to remove the grates by yourself. Do not pour chemicals down drains to get rid of the debris.

Drain snakes and hydro jets can be used to clear stubborn blockages from draining systems. You may need to hire experienced plumbers because of the difficulties involved in operating the machinery.

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